Complete Waste of a Week - but I'm Rallying Back

You are always bound to have one of these happen to you eventually. With all the momentum I had on several of my projects everything just came down for a week. As depressing as it is the only thing you can really do is pick it back up and just rally from it. 

We had to cancel three film shoots this week and only filmed one individual shot but yesterday my director and I rallied and now have all of next week booked to shoot, Monday through Saturday. 

I had no opportunity to work on any of my art. But for my Technical Writing course I managed to convince my professor to allow me to design my own personal website for my online portfolio. So I have been at least developing that. (See the image above for a sneak peek of my website)

So today is an important day for me! I'm going to begin designing a new monster print to continue and create a series. I really enjoy monsters, Monsters Inc. is one of my favorite films. So the idea of this ironic situation in which a monster, typically a scary thing, especially a squid monster... accustom to water is keeping dry under their rain slicker is absolutely hilarious to me. To continue with this kind of ironic monster series I will be designing a few more within the next month or so with the ideas I recently came up with. 

And so I leave you to begin working. Make sure you check out my etsy (I just made my first sale!) and I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Some Concept Art

Although Clouds is still in progress I always  like to explore new ideas and concepts. So I've begun to play with my new idea which revolves around an older man who collects keys... well that's as far as I've gotten but the image is burned into my brain so I had to create it.

Heres a little taste of the image. Even though it's not finished I just had to share what I did so far because I just love the image so much.

So enjoy and please leave some feedback!

First Production Still from "Over the Rainbow"

Today was the second day of filming on the film I'm producing titled "Over the Rainbow". My friend Justin Guyer is directing it for his senior thesis and he asked me to be his producer at the beginning of this semester. Of course I agreed and here we are, day 2.

So far so good. Yesterday we shot an indoor scene where Nevaeh, played by Grace Canfield, is having a heart to heart talk with Mrs. Elder. We got access to the gravity project house here on the Juniata College campus, which has fantastic wall paper.

Today we shot, one of the most complicated propped scenes in the movie. Remind me to never work with balloons again. But the shots turned out beautiful thanks to the fantastic job by the crew and the actors. The scene filmed today was a flash back to our main character's past which ends with the untimely death of his parents, thanks to a sudden lightning strike, and the loss of his ability to see color.

I hope you enjoy the picture and I will keep everyone updated on how the film is turning out.

Story Work

Right now I'm working on the story still. I want to really write it out and work and re-work it, because film is all about telling a good story. I value the work Pixar does because of their story telling abilities and the amount of time they actually invest on their stories. So I really want to get this right.

In the mean time school work comes first so I thought I'd share another photo with everyone. You can see all of my photos here from the assignment.