Random Night Browsing

Today as I was doing some research for Small Imaginings when I stumbled across a blog that I thought was strange yet incredibly intersting. So here is a random night browsing find:


Also while browsing the interwebs yesterday I stumbled upon a very sweet stop motion video. Check the linkage below:


Long time No Blog

So it's been awhile since I've last blogged but I've been busy, sort of. I just recently graduated two Saturday ago and moved into my new apartment in Indiana, PA last Saturday.

What have I been doing since?

Practically nothing. Searching for jobs. Working on Small Imaginings. It will probably be another week or so until I get back into my own personal work. I'll probably start by looking at past projects that can be finished or even started. Then I'll be looking into more of the Small Imaginings work which includes playing around with some toy theater kits.

So in the mean time check out my other blog at Small Imaginings and enjoy the start of your summer.

If you haven't seen it yet...

If you haven't found you're way over to my other blog yet then nows the time. As I have been hinting at for a while I have been working with my previous boss, Nathan Wagoner, on a business proposal. The concept is called Small Imaginings, and to learn more you have to jaunt over there on your own.


A lot more where this came from

Since it's now summer and I don't officially have a job yet you're going to see a lot more blog posts from me. Not that it's a bad thing (ok there may be a few pointless ramblings here and there) but it will mostly be a good thing!

So the first sort of pointless but still interesting thing for me to share is this:



Where the Wild Things Are

If you haven't seen the trailer yet or heard the news Where the Wild Things Are, the children's book written by Maurice Sendak is being made into a movie by Spike Jonze.

Even though the movie only comes out in October (it seems like forever away) I couldn't help but create a digital collage of Max in his wolf suit.


Do you need a bit more?

So yesterday I posted a short piece of stop-motion in the hopes someone might attempt to continue the story. Well now I'm providing the airplane so you can finish it.

Click on the image to take you to a larger image then save it, print it or do whatever you want with it.

Still confused heres an explanation:

Finish this story!

So I thought I would try something new. Last night I made a short stop motion animation of a airplane fly through the clouds. But it's only a few seconds long. I want others to take over the story from here. It doesn't have to be animation. It could be live action video or you can submit a story in writing. A song, a sketching, a digital collage image, anything! Lets see where the story goes!

Watch the video above and start to create.

My Animated Sequence

Here is a look at my animated sequence in Justin's film Over the Rainbow. Can you name the film?

Visualizing a World

I guess nows the better time if any to drop the curtain on my latest business proposal lined up with my ex-boss Nathan Wagoner. Two years ago I took a course with him called "Hypermedia" which is a class dedicated to topics that are considered beyond media. For that semester we discussed and created flash animations. This year I helped Nathan by being a teacher's assistant for the course. Throughout the year we had discussions back and forth over the similarities between flash and toy theater when we came up with the idea to create flash animation so anyone can do it and that we would give "kits". These "kits" would contain pre-constructed characters with histories, likes and dislikes, as well as props and back drops. The purpose was that when given these "kits" people wouldn't have to worry about the technical ability to create flash animations and could focus more on story telling, composing music for the scene, or even focus purely on animation without all that Photoshop stuff.

Since our multiple discussions we have come up with a business proposal in order to get what is initially going to be a website up and running. My job is to create a visual for how we are going to present all these wonderful sets and characters so our users can download them. The initial idea was to create a building cut away, sort of like the boat cut away in Wes Anderson's Life Aquatic. This really limited us to just the setting of a city and what we want our users to be thinking about is how to take their stories and animations to the unreal and imaginative. So I struggled with this. How do you show multiple locations to choose from without a birds eye or any other cheesy effect. That's when the idea came to me as I was showering this morning.

Our business is called "Small Imaginings", which plays off of the size of toy theater but the larger possibilities that exist in the structure of what we are giving people. So why not show our worlds inside the mind of a person. Like a building cut away except that building is the human mind. When I told Nathan he told me that it was exactly like phrenology, and it was (see image above).

Wow I wrote a lot. But here is the ending. (Drum roll) this is how we show all the settings and all the characters we have to offer - the cut away of the human mind, displaying all the small imaginings within.

The Best Inspiration Comes from Every Day Interactions

As I was sitting at my desk trying to finish up the last few projects I have in my college career, I received an email from my girlfriend who was working at the college information desk. This is how the conversation went:

GF: i just spent the first 20 minutes here at the info desk talking to an "ex-alcoholic" reverend from California. It was the weirdest call i ever received and he talked forever! so strange...

Me : hmmmmm.... thats odd. why did he call juniata?

GF : the number was written in his bible.... (i think he misdialed)

Me : why did he call a number in a bible?

GF : he wanted to find out information about some religious seminar in texas, but called me instead. he thought it was a sign from god. He kept saying how blessed he was and "praise the lord”. he even read from his bible and told me all about what this special bible looked like. i gave him juniata's website and connected him to admissions... but not before he went on talking for 20 minutes

I thought this was the greatest thing ever and when I say ever I mean at least for this morning. But the important thing I got out of this email conversation is the start of a new character.

Which brings me to my next point! (Great transitioning) I've begun working on a business proposal with my boss from the Digital Media Studio at Juniata College, Nathan Wagoner. I figure this character would be a great addition to explaining our basic concept. Although I can't tell you much more than that about our business proposal. All you need to know is that it's going to be great and as it develops I will bring you more information.