Cover Art

Here is a sneak peek at where my art will be featured next. The letter in the picture might give it away for anyone at Juniata... or not. You may recognize what picture of mine this may go with... or not. You will have to see when it's released. I'm just excited to have my artwork featured on this cover (as well as the back of the cover). I'll give you more info when I'm actually allowed to talk about it. Until then it's all hush hush.

Behind the Trailer

For all of those who have seen the trailer, Thank You for watching and for you comments. Everyone who has worked on the film is really excited to get it finished so we can show it off. I thought it would be nice to talk a little bit about the filming process and what it took to get the trailer down to what you have seen. Also I'd like to drop a couple of hints at what you might see when we show the film in about 2 weeks.

So the filming process took us over 6 weeks with almost 60 hours of filming. We had a crew of 7 dedicated individuals who all brought something unique to the project. We dealt with 25 different actors and actresses and shot on location all over Huntingdon. The amazing thing is that we made this film primarily out of the director's pocket in hopes we will get refunded eventually.

So the director, Justin Guyer, who also wrote the story set out to cut a trailer last week for Juniata College's LAS (Liberal Arts Symposium). The night before it went out I waited until 2 AM to get a look at it and give some feedback, but as always the export time is always under estimated. I woke up the next morning and went in to work. Justin arrived and showed me a 1 minute and 45 sec trailer cut like a short narrative and revealed way too much of the story. So I set to work cutting it down and quickening the pacing. Once I had it cut down Nathan Wagoner color corrected it and we had our trailer.

Now some secrets! In the film we may have had some help from a couple of creative folks at Juniata College. Our storyboards were redrawn by Laura Campbell, who is an amazing artist. We also have Mike Wilson doing a scene in the film for us (but I won't say what!).

I hope this quenches your thirst. Stay tuned for more on Over The Rainbow.

Over the Rainbow Teaser Trailer Online

Today the trailer went up for the film I'm producing entitled "Over the Rainbow". I am very excited about how the trailer turned out which is making me even more excited for the film to be finished entirely. So within the next 3 weeks the director and myself will be working on cutting the film hopefully under the 20 minute mark so we can premier it by the end of the school year. 

So enjoy the trailer and I hope it gets you excited for the film.

New Print!

If you haven't been to my etsy shop in a while then it's about time you return. 

I've posted my newest piece in my monster series (which I am very happy with) and I have also added other countries to my shipping section.


My New Website!

After working endlessly on my personal website it's finished. Well it's finished enough to be online and for you to look at it. So here it is:

Now it's currently hosted from my school account so give it some time to load. But It will be placed hopefully under the url in the near future.

So please leave some feedback and let me know how my site is.