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A Man Trying to Find His Place in the World

It's difficult to be an artist and not question yourself, your talent, or whether or not you will be recognized. And as I sit on unemployment and am about to throw myself back into the collegiate world and even further into the art world, I can't help but question myself.

The first time I watched Wes Anderson's Life Aquatic I enjoyed the film primarily for it's visual style (the wonderful blend of colors, cinemotography, animation, and full ship cut away). But everytime since in the end when Zissou finally tracks down the Jaguar Shark he says "I wonder if it remembers me." I can't help but tear up. The film is about a man trying to find his place in the world and leaving something behind to be remembered for.

A fear I have is not being remembered. I couldn't think of anything worse then one day not being remembered after I'm gone. It's not because I crave the attention I just want to do something truly unique and memorable.

The Laziest Ad Ever

Hollywood Casino in PA. It's billboard read:

"Your Closest Casino"

which I read as. If you have a gambling addiction we already know. Were a quick fix, like the nearest crack dealer. Were not good or bad, just close.

And goodnight.

I Am Not

Even though a piece you've been working on has not turned out the way you hoped it to theres always a bright side to having something to work on. Even though I may not find my newest animation to be my best work I've definitely learned a lot by doing it.

What have I learned?

Flash is no longer the program I should be using to animate. It has an incredible amount of limitations, too many to even count. I'm ready to move to a new program, even a 3D program, but only to use with 2D animation (think puppet theater). So if anyone knows of any good programs worth investing my limited money into please let me know.

Another thing I've learned is that when your'e not good at something, admit it. I'm not a composer among many other things I'm not. But this is something I definitely have learned the hard way.