Busy little bee I am

Since I haven't blogged in such a long time (20 days from yesterday) I figured I'd go two days in a row.

I've been working my little fingers off to get my etsy animation finished. I'm nearing completion of the animation (a mere 3 scenes from the end... out of 11) and not quite sure if I'm happy with it. Happy with what I've learned, yes, with the final product not as much but their is definitely pride in doing so much with it.

I've also been traveling a smidgeon visiting Johnstown, PA's film festival and speaking with the film makers as well as attending a Juniata College Networking event in NYC, NY. Both were great learning experiences. I got out there and asked questions until my lips fell off, don't think thats possible. Oh well, glad to have those experiences under my belt and glad to have shown Over the Rainbow to another crowd of people.

And if that wasn't enough to have completed within 20 days (it's actually not that much, I'm exaggerating) I've also decided, and have received confirmation that I will be continuing my education at Indiana University of Pennsylvania for some Post BAC work and hopefully my MFA next year.

You've probably missed me while I've been gone, but not enough to read this whole darn blog post I'll leave you with a present. Enjoy!

I'm the only one up here and the time machine

Have you ever noticed that when you are thinking it's your own voice in your head and that you can't talk over yourself. Try saying "yes" in your head while saying "no" as well. what you here in your head is "ye-no-ss". It's just not possible.

The human body I've discovered is also a time machine, albeit a limited one. Close your eyes for 3 seconds and open them. You've just traveled 3 seconds into the future. When you go to sleep time passes by and you aren't even aware of it. It is limited though, only being able to move forward and not backwards. And it's only limited to it's one speed.

Gone for too Long - Update!

I've been gone for way too long. Here are some updates on my projects:

I've finished a new piece of art work that will be available for purchase within a month. Take a sneak peek here.

Also I've begun animation on my etsy video which you can see a sneak peek of as well.

Don't forget my "Dead Animal Parade" animation. Heres a bit of updated concept art for you.