Since I've been working like a mad man I figure I'd share a little bit of my photography work that I've been doing for my Digital Photography class.


My Beloved Monster

When I was young I never closed my closet door at night and kept one eye on it until I fell asleep. My parents gave me a monster-proof t-shirt which I wore every night until it was one day unwearable. This is what could be found in my closet.

Inspired by Pixar's Monsters Inc., Maurice Sendak's Where the Wild Things Are and the illustration style of Eric Carle's children's books. This image is now for sale on my etsy shop


It's been a week since I last posted and you would think I would have a lot more done. 

Errrrr Wrong. School has kept me busy, with its homework, film projects, and recently a 4 hour drive to Kent State. I can honestly say that I have made little to zero progress on the film. I may have added a sentence to the still unfinished story as well as added a few grass touches to the Clancy image.

Hopefully things will lighten up here in a few days and I will be able get back to work.

New day... New challenges

The question I asked myself today was "Are you sure you're doing your characters in the right way?" My answer to myself was an obvious "No". So I spent the good majority of the day coming up with how to create character befitting of my story.

In these kind of situations I find it's best to turn to those who have already done it. There's no point in re-inventing the wheel. And of course I turn to Pixar, my heroes. Looking at some of the most memorable characters I notice some patterns. Mike and Sully, Wall-E and Eve, and from their new movie Up! the main characters Russell and Carl are all constructed from a basic geometric shape, either a circle or rectangle. 

Knowing this useful fact today I cut up some basic shapes of my own as the foundation of my characters. But of course I'm getting ahead of myself because I haven't even written the story up yet. It's all in my head... but I should probably write it down first.

More Concept Art

One of my favorite things to look at for a film is the concept art that was created before the film was made. Some of the coolest concept art, to me, is animated films, because there are so many ways the film could have gone stylistically. 

So here is my first true concept art work for my next film. I hope you enjoy it, also feedback is great.