Follow your Leads

Everything is inspiration, no matter where it takes you. Dead ends don't exist, everything will influence your work on some level. This is especially true across mediums and styles. If an idea doesn't work for one style test it out on another.

Failures are lessons learned. Doesn't necessarily mean that your work is terrible, there are things you can take away. Ideas are transferrable. Concepts or images can be used or reused. Everything you see, magazine clips, television, advertisements, books, anything you see you record.

If you feel like you've hit a dead end in you work, or your concepts seem stale work back around to the beginning. You'll approach your first style or concept with all the information and images you absorbed over the project. This will make you see your work in a whole new light.

Follow every lead, every interesting image or concept. Once you feel you've hit a dead end, work back from the beginning applying all your new images and concepts to your work.

Stores Back Open

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you know that my Etsy shop is back open. I'll be posting a new item picture tomorrow. So check back again after lunch.

Who is this?

I have no idea who the artists is that made this? But I love it. Can someone tell me who it belongs to?


it's amazing.

A Well Read Audio Book

Reading is something I wish I did more often. Recently I discovered the awesomeness that is - audio books. I've spoiled myself though, with the first book I listened to being Douglas Adams "The Life, the Universe and Everything". Read by the man himself, it just doesn't get any better. You really get a great sense of his voice and style. The more I read his work the more I enjoy his style. Theres no greater way to read a book then to have it read to you by the author.

So I highly suggest you listen to any "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" book in the series read by Douglas Adams.