What Tim Burton has taught me - "Sketch Everyday"

Last week I finally got to visit the Tim Burton Retrospective at MOMA in NYC. The massive amount of sketches and work done by Burton that essential no one ever sees is just mind boggling. While at the show my sister turned to me and said "Now what did you learn today Tim?" to which I immediately knew the answer. "Sketch everyday."

Since my return back to my apartment I have not sketched everyday. Partially because I'm lazy but also partially because I'm not confident enough in my ability to sketch. Which is why I've changed my motto from "Sketch everyday" to "Photoshop everyday".

I would describe myself primarily as a digital artist before anything else. So it only makes sense to adapt what Burton has taught me and apply it to my own practices. Well, it starts today. I need to work, make anything, once a day. Just like working out your muscles, you need to train and keep your artistic muscles fit by working them everyday.

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